Jay Anson – “The Amityville Horror”

May be an image of Matt Brent, beard, hair and text that says 'ER The Amityville Horror Unabriciged 2010 English ★★★★ InDecember the Lutz amily moved into their new home suburban Long Island. George and Kathleen Lutz knew that one earlier brothers DeFeo had murdered his parents, house, but the property- MORE can borrow this 11/17 Play AMITYVILLE HORROR RP RayPort'

So while I technically didn’t READ this one, I did listen to it on Audiobook through Hoopla as a part of the Rappahannock Community College book club. Jay Anson’s “The Amityville Horror” was perfectly timed for Halloween. While I had heard of Amityville before, I didn’t know the exact details. The audiobook was 6.5 hours long, but I listened to it ravenously! Each new detail of the haunting was somehow more exhilarating than the one before! The whole case is simply fascinating, and I definitely want to read up on the House even more. I did try to look up the house on Google Street View and it was curiously blurred out…

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