Madeleine Bohme – “Ancient Bones”

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Saw this one in my recommended section on Hoopla after I finished Amityville. “Ancient Bones” by Madeleine Bohme tells of her work in paleoanthopology and working with the fossils of early hominids. We briefly talk about this in my classes, and while I certainly have an interest, it is certainly outside of my realm of expertise! This book, however, covered so many things I wasn’t aware of. While I knew about various classifications of early humans like Homo habilis, the details given in the book about what it takes to really classify these folks based on their bones is incredible. They talk of various dating techniques, including using knowledge of the earth’s magnetic field, to figure out how old these bones are. That’s just fascinating to me to use that much science to help us figure out our history! While it was a little awkward to listen to this on audio as I was driving, and it kept referring to graphs and images in the book, I still gained an appreciation for the research that’s being done. The quest for knowledge will always continue! If you’re interested in a great discussion of human evolution, I would definitely recommend this one!

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