Committee Work

Virginia Community College System
History & Related Disciplines Peer Group, 2014-Present
Duties include serving as the chair, organizing the newly developed peer group, and planning for future peer group meetings.

Learning Management System Needs Committee, 2014
Duties include participating in a review of the current Learning Management System for the Virginia Community College System, Blackboard Learn.

Rappahannock Community College
Presidents Planning & Effectiveness Council, 2013-2019
Duties include serving as a member of an advisory group to the college president, assisting with SWOT analysis and the creation of a new strategic plan for the college.

Curriculum Committee (Formerly Instructional Affairs Committee), 2015-Present
Duties include reviewing and approving new curricula, such as degree specializations and certificates.

Student Success Council, 2015-2019
Duties include reviewing items of significance related to student achievement. Chaired the subcommittee on advising in Spring 2016.

Distance Learning & Instructional Technology, 2012-2019
Served as Chair, 2015-2016, 2018-2019
Duties include developing and implementing a distance learning quality assurance plan, working with the college testing center to ensure the authenticity of proctored activities, and participating in the peer reviews of selected distance learning courses.

Faculty Senate, 2012-Present
Served as President, 2016-2017
Duties include serving as the Senate Recorder, discussing issues relevant to college faculty, and identifying potential or existing problems and proposing solutions to the college administration.

New Faculty Evaluation Plan Review Committee, Spring 2013
Duties included surveying staff in regards to upcoming evaluation plan, evaluating the language and wording of the given model plan, evaluating the scoring rubrics provided in model plan, and modifying the VCCS Model Faculty Evaluation Plan based upon faculty recommendations.

Institutional Effectiveness Council, 2012-2013
Duties included served as Committee Recorder, ensuring that student learning outcomes were included in all course syllabi, working with the Assessment Coordinator to develop and implement common course assessments, aligning the college’s general education goals to individual course outcomes, and participating in program evaluations for all RCC degree programs.

Virginia Department of Education
World History 1 Content Area Review Committee, Summer 2011
Duties include evaluating test items using statistical data from previous test administrations, evaluating test forms ensuring they aligned to testing blueprints, and reviewing and discussing new test items to ensure validity.

Virginia Substitute Evaluation Program (VSEP) Range Finding Committee, Summer 2011
Duties included reviewing sample VSEP submissions and establishing a protocol for grading of future VSEP submissions.

World History 1 Standard Setting Committee, November 2010
Duties include establishing a means of differentiation between proficient and advanced students, reviewing test items to determine which student level would answer correctly, and reviewing test forms to establish cut scores for proficient and advanced levels.

Lancaster County Public Schools
Superintendent’s Communication Committee, 2011-2012
Duties included attending monthly committee meetings as the Education Association President, discussing issues of concern from each of division’s schools, and brainstorming ideas and solutions to those issues.

Technology Committee, 2009-2012
Duties include evaluating the progress of the current division technology plan and revising the plan based on newly adopted state requirements.

Internet Safety Policy & Evaluation Committee, 2006-2007
Duties include evaluating district policies on student internet usage and drafting policy provisions related to student safety and confidentiality.

Lancaster High School
Honor Code Committee Chair, 2010-2012
Duties included researching high school honor codes, drafting the Lancaster High School Honor Code, and presenting the Honor Code to the School Board for approval.

Summer Session Planning Committee, 2010-2012
Duties included participating in the creation of summer session protocols and analyzing student data to schedule summer remediation.

Underclass Awards Ceremony Committee, 2009-2012
Duties included planning the end of year awards ceremony for 9th-11th graders, creating a multimedia presentation to recognize honorees, and analyzing student assessment data to determine the honorees.

National Honor Society Honor Council, 2009-2012
Duties included evaluating student applications for membership in the society.

Freshman Transition Program Committee, 2007-2009
Duties included researching successful freshman programs, planning the freshman orientation program, organizing freshmen into mentor/mentee groups, and monitoring student data to remediate “at risk” freshmen.

Governor’s School Selection Committee, 2007-2011
Duties included evaluating student applications for the Governor’s School and providing a list of recommended students to the school administration.

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