Damitri Robinson

I have had the pleasure of knowing Matt Brent for over seven years as a teacher, but also as a role model and friend. I was one of Matt’s students in a World History class at Lancaster High School and I can honestly say he changed my entire perspective regarding education. He was like no other teacher I have ever had; he brought innovation and fun to his instruction. One day it was testing the latest pedagogical technology and the next was role-playing individuals from various time periods in history. There was never a dull moment in the educational environment that he created. Not only did he care about what he taught, but also he was able to relay the information in a way that grasped the attentions of high school aged students. Honestly, I can’t say that I remember much from my high school days, but there is one thing I have always taken away from his class. His favorite quote – which he would tell all of his students on the first day of class – is that “history is much more than dates and dead people.” This saying resonates with me because as a student, I enjoy the sciences and can view history classes as nothing more than memorizing dates and events. This was never the case in Matt’s class.

Outside of academics, Matt was always there to help any students with any ideas or problems they may have had. He was seen as a mentor by many due to his ability to relate to teenage students. He was even more mentoring and supportive when it came time for students- including myself- to choose universities. Whether it was helping with college essays or writing recommendations, he was always there to help when needed. I can comfortably say that he has had a hand in making me the student I am today. With that being said, I highly recommend Matt Brent in anything he decides to pursue in the future.

-Damitri Robinson, Lancaster High School, Class of 2010

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