Tara Westover – “Educated”

May be an image of Matt Brent, book and text that says 'Educated A MEMOIR WESTOVE TARA'

Finished Tara Westover’s “Educated” today. It was a great read. It’s amazing how growing up around parents exhibiting a combination of religious extremism and mental illness could have such a profound effect on a child’s upbringing. Glad she was able to overcome it all! It makes me think of some of the homeschooled students I’ve had over the years that lacked basic knowledge, and I wonder if they were facing similar struggles. It also made me reflect on my own upbringing. While my parents were wonderful, the effect of growing up in a small community really did result in my having a wake up call when I departed for college. While my journey to a PhD was nothing like Westover’s, the book definitely makes me appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given. I’d highly recommend the book!

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