James R. “Jake” Harding

Matt has a genuine interest in going out of his way to help others. He is one of the most passionate individuals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, and he is always trying to better situations around him. Matt really cares about improving things, whether that be his place of work, his students’ well being, or his own knowledge.

Being one of Matt’s former students, I know how invested he is in his work. He relates to people at a level that others can’t, and he makes his content easier to learn from this understanding of his students. Everyone I talked to always said they loved taking his classes.

Matt has gone out of his way on many different occasions to personally help me out, some of which have had a huge impact on my life. He’s a great mentor, family man, and friend.
In a generation that relies so heavily upon technology, Matt is no stranger to the need of new ways to interpret and receive information in the classroom. He has a great understanding of some of these new technologies by implementing them in his own teaching methods. Through interactive games, online web instructing between multiple facilities, and displaying web content, Matt has been able to reach wider audiences and show these audiences a new form of learning, which is very beneficial skill to have these days.

Being the well rounded individual he is, I can’t find a reason not to commend Matt on the great job he’s done in his career, and I would vouch for him in any situation that presented itself.

– Jake Harding, Lancaster High School, Class of 2010

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