University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, KY
Ph.D., Leadership
Specialization: History
May 2017

Western New Mexico University, Silver City, NM
M.A., Interdisciplinary Studies
Majors: History & Political Science
May 2011

Walden University, Minneapolis, MN
M.S., Education
Specialization: Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
February 2008

University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ
Completed Teacher Licensure Coursework
December 2005

Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA
B.A., History
Minor in Communication Studies
May 2004

Lancaster High School, Lancaster, VA
Advanced Diploma
June 2000

8 Responses to Education

  1. Ellen Garrepy says:

    I read on a website after googling affordable Doctorate in Education. You had mentioned you were starting University of the Cumberlands. Would you please let me know how you feel about the education you are receiving from them? I am considering a totally online Doctorate program.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Matt Brent says:

      Hi Ellen!

      I have been quite happy with my time at UC. I do want to emphasize that their program has a synchronous component, which some students may not like. I chose it for that reason. I wanted to be able to interact with my instructors and classmates in a live environment. It helps build a sense of community. We’ve also established a Facebook group which helps as well. The program is growing and changing, but overall, I would highly recommend it.


  2. isa antepli says:

    Dear Mr. Matt,

    Firstly, a warm Hello from Cambodia! I got your name while I was searching on the net about my e-portfolio task at Walden University. I have completed all my courses I just need to finalize my last 2 points in the e-portfolio. I have been suffering from my e-portfolio tasks. Due to my health problem, After finishing my courses I had to give a huge break to my studying at the Walden. Now I lost all my concentration toward finishing mt last 2 points in the e-portfolio. Could you please advise and help me about the e-portfolio process?

    • Matt Brent says:

      I have not attended Walden in several years, so I am sure the portfolio process has changed. When I was a student we had to mail a CD of our portfolio to our instructor. I believe this is no longer the case, and I’d rather not give you incorrect information. I would recommend reaching out to one of your instructors.

  3. John says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am considering taking a graduate level online history course from WNMU. Can you share your experience with them and what the course work and instructors are like?


    John W.

    • Matt Brent says:

      Hi John,

      My apologies for the extreme delay in responding. Unfortunately, my site gets a ton of spam comments, and I just came across your comment. I finished up at WNMU back in 2011, and a great deal can change in 5 years. I had a pleasant experience. The courses I took were certainly NOT cookie cutter courses, and the professors gave great feedback. Like any school, there are good and not-so-good instructors. Andy Hernandez and Andrew Warren were two of my favorites, and I’d recommend them in a heartbeat!


  4. Baum says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am applying for Ph.D. in leadership, please can you share some info regarding Foundation Skill Test/exam and interview process. Is any material available online? Which can be useful to prepare foundation exam for admission?


    • Matt Brent says:

      Hi Baum!

      My apologies for the delay in my response. My site gets a surprising amount of spam, and your comment was buried. When I applied to the program there was not a separate Foundation Exam, but from what I’ve observed it is a test which contains questions related to basic grammar, sentence structure and punctuation, as well as a few questions on statistics. I do not know if there’s a certain score you need to get to pass. The best online resource I could recommend to you is our online Facebook group. Search for Cumberlands Leadership Association. There are many folks there who will offer advice and help.

      As for the interview process, when I was interviewed I was asked basic questions about why I wanted to seek a doctorate and what potential research topics interested me. That was in Fall of 2013, so I’m unsure if the process has been updated. Back then my interview was over Skype. After the interview they did ask me to take a quick assessment, but that was different than the Foundations Exam.


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